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YouTube Profile Picture Maker

Make your channel stand out with a unique YouTube profile picture, just choose a template and customize your logo easily with Placeit.

Tons of Profile Picture Templates

Whether you’re a gamer, a beauty blogger, or a fitness creator, Placeit has many profile picture templates to choose from. We have everything from channel banners, to intro videos and even mockups. This is the easiest way to create awesome graphics and videos for your channel.

How to Make Your YouTube Profile Picture

Choose a Template

Start designing your own YouTube profile picture by choosing a template that goes with your channel’s intention.

Add Your Own Style

Customize it as much as you want before deciding! You can change fonts, colors, graphics, layout, and more to make an original design.

Get Your Image

When you are done customizing your profile picture you can simply hit the “download” button to get your file right away.

Upload to Your Channel

Time to share your new profile picture with all your viewers. Your file will be high-resolution but you can always resize using this tool.

More templates


  1. Choose a template that goes well with your channel and your brand’s style, you can try as many as you wish before setting on one. You can filter by industry.
  2. Once your heart is set on a template you can fully customize it to make your own design.
  3. When you are done simply download your image and voilá!
  1. Sign in to your YouTube account.
  2. Click on your profile picture image and select “manage your account”.
  3. Click on your profile image again and upload your new profile picture.

A great profile picture for your YouTube channel is something that is clear and visible, that represents your channel and your style. You can use an image of yourself, your brands logo, or some other graphic that truly represents and helps brand your channel.

What They Say About Us

“My experience once entering the site was very helpful, easy to work through. They have many designs to reach what you want, something I didn’t get from other sites like this. Other sites are focused on one type of style. 100% satisfactory from Placeit!”@JesseReyes