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YouTube Intro Maker

Make fantastic intro videos for your YouTube channel straight from your browser! Make your videos look professional using Placeit’s YouTube Intro Maker. This video maker for YouTube is the special touch your need to make your content stand out.

Amaze Your Audience with a Cool YouTube Intro Video!

Placeit’s YouTube Intro Maker takes all of the work out of making intros for your YouTube videos. Now it’s easier to announce a sale, your social media pages, your gaming channel, show off your logo, anything you need to make a make catchy YouTube videos.

How to Make a YouTube Intro

Choose a Template

Browse Placeit’s library of YouTube intro makers and choose a video template you like. You’ll find many cool intro makers for YouTube.

Personalize Your Animation

Personalize your YouTube intro animation with your own text, change fonts, colors, animations and images. You can upload your logo too!

Add Some Music!

Finish your video by choosing a track to accompany your animation and voilà your intro maker for YouTube videos is done!

Upload to YouTube

You are done now and all that is left to do is add your new amazing YouTube intro to all your videos! Start looking like a pro!

More templates


Add in an intro or logo bumper to introduce your video. Tell your viewers what is the topic of your video is and why are you talking about it! If you want to make a cool logo intro but don’t have any experience with animated videos, this is easy to achieve with an intro maker. This will help brand your videos so that viewers know they belong to you simply based on the intro.

  1. Go to Placeit’s YouTube Intro library.
  2. On the top left corner you will see a filter drop-down saying “mixed” switch to “free” to see every free YouTube Intro you can use.
  3. Choose a template and start customizing.
  4. Once you are satisfied with your creation simply hit the “Download” button and voilá!

Having an intro is ideal, but do your best to keep your intro short and to the point. Use an intro video maker to create an animated video with your channel’s logo to quickly let viewers know what channel they’re watching and what the video will be about. Once the video starts, avoid talking too much or getting off-topic.

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“This site is THE BEST site to create and build excellent graphics, videos, and much more. Placeit meets ALL my expectations. I am a broadcaster for a Hispanic Internet Radio Network with a weekly program and I am fascinated with my new video promos which I post via social media. Thank you!”@YMRodriguez