Use a Premade Book Cover for Your next Bestseller​

Writing a brilliant novel is only the first part of it becoming a bestseller. Your potential readers will see hundreds of books available and only take about three seconds to decide if they want to take the time to see what the book is about. Having a great book cover is not optional, it is your entire book’s presentation card. Luckily you don’t need to be a designer or hire one to have a fantastic book cover worthy of your words. Placeit’s premade book covers are professionally designed based on the best practices for bestselling book covers.
Placeit has more than a dozen different premade book covers templates you can choose from to create your book’s cover. Each one is carefully designed to be visually attractive and super easy to edit. Here are a couple of the professional premade book covers you can use to design your own custom book cover.
It’s super easy to take any of Placeit’s premade book cover templates and use them for your next project.
Below we show you a couple of use cases made entirely with the book cover templates, from fantasy book covers to children’s books covers, there’s no limit to what you can create!
Click on a book cover to go to that premade book cover template.

Exciting Fantasy Book Covers

Creating stunning fantasy book covers is a piece of cake with Placeit’s premade book covers. Whether you write about fantastic tales involving dragons or enchanted sorcerers, you’ll find templates that work brilliantly for your work.
Add a thematic background to any of the premade book covers and watch as they work brilliantly for your fantasy book.
Whether you want to have the title in the middle or towards the top, there great book cover templates you can use.
As you can see, Placeit’s premade book cover templates are super versatile and are perfect for fantasy book covers.
Placeit’s premade book covers aren’t just for fantasy books. If you write romance novels, you’ll find these templates are fantastic for making steamy romantic covers sure to tantalise your readers.
Create a striking romantic book cover in just a few clicks. Just add a background image and title and done, it couldn’t be easier!
It doesn’t matter what type of romance novel you write, contemporary, historical, or regency, Placeit’s premade book covers are your secret weapon.
Don’t spend more time and money looking for designers, simply design your own custom book cover and watch as your romance novels fly off the digital shelves.
Making spellbinding science fiction book covers is a piece of cake with Placeit’s premade book covers. Engage your readers from first sight with a custom book cover that instantly sets the mood and lets them know they’re in for a spellbinding read.
Each premade book cover template is designed to be super flexible and suitable for making thousands of unique covers.
Focus on the title or focus on the background image, it’s up to you, whichever you choose your sci-fi book cover will look brilliant.
Spend more time proofing and editing your science fiction tale to perfection instead of worrying about not having a great sci-fi book cover.
Intrigue your youngest readers with fun and attractive covers. Take the artwork you already use for your book and simply upload it as a background and add your title for an amazing custom cover, you don’t need to be a designer!
Use the same artwork you already have to quickly make a professional custom book cover for your children’s book. It’s super easy!
Change the fonts and colors to match your book’s artwork for a sleek and polished custom book cover.
There really is no limit to what kind of book cover you can make with Placeit’s premade book covers. From fun and silly to intriguing and entertaining.

What Makes These Premade Book Covers So Great?

Placeit’s Premade Book Covers

✅ Incredibly versatile and easy to use

✅ Create custom book covers in minutes

✅ Over a dozen professionally designed templates

✅ Amazing results every time, it couldn’t be easier

✅ Edit the cover as many times as you want before you buy

✅ Create a book cover that perfectly represents your story, you don’t need to hope the designer reads it and understands


❌ Hiring a designer can be time consuming and expensive

❌ Other book cover makers are super complicated

❌ Using a free template from the internet looks cheap

❌ Some tools and designers only focus on one genre

❌ Making a simple change can take days with a designer

❌ You have to explain the story and any important symbolism to the designer and hope they make a cover that portrays that
Now that you’ve seen a sample of the different types of book covers you can make using Placeit’s premade book cover, let’s go ahead an make a custom cover, click on premade book cover maker to open up the same template in a new window to follow along with the video tutorial below.
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