Use Macbook and iMac Mockups to Promote Your Website

Everyday hundreds and hundreds of new websites are launched. Most will crash and burn while others will end up in limbo, barely scraping by with enough users or visitors. Only a handful will have enough traffic and users to succeed. You certainly didn’t spend the last couple of weeks or months building your website or webapp to have it fail did you?

Why Do I Need a Macbook Mockup?

You need to give your website the best chance possible of succeeding with brilliant marketing materials like iMac and Macbook mockups. You can’t just explain your website or webapp, your audience needs to see it to understand it. It doesn’t matter if your audience consists of end users, investors or other team members. People simply have a much easier time understanding ideas, especially new ones, if they can see what you mean with their own eyes. Just using a screenshot of your website or webapp isn’t going to cut it, you have to help your site stand out. Here a a couple of examples.

Click on one to go straight to that iMac or Macbook mockup .
An iMac mockup can give your website context.
Macbook mockups turn your boring screenshot into the real deal.
Whatever your website does, there’s a mockup that’s perfect for it.

How to make a MacBook Mockup

It’s super easy to make a professional Macbook or iMac mockup that will allow your audience to easily visualize what using your website or webapp is like. In addition, a well made mockup will allow you to frame your website or web design within the appropriate context, letting your audience know instantly who the intended user is. Let’s go through the steps of actually making a Macbook mockup without Photoshop.

Here’s a quick video if you prefer to watch us go through the process of making a macbook mockup,
it’s super simple!
You can click here to open up the same Macbook mockup and follow along with the tutorial.

If you’re ready to make your own Macbook and iMac mockups , just click the blue button below. There are tons of different, professionally designed mockup templates waiting for you to customize them!
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Benefits of Using Placeit's Macbook and iMac Mockups

With Macbook and iMac Mockups

✅ Show your website actually being used

✅ The final mockup makes your website or ad look professional

✅ You can make several mockups in just a couple of minutes

✅ You don’t need to hire a photographer or a designer


❌ Plain screenshots are boring and don’t provide context

❌ Photographs with a regular camera look unprofessional

❌ Using free templates or PSD files looks cheap

❌ Hiring a photographer can be expensive and time consuming

How to Pick the Perfect Macbook Mockup for You

Remember that one of the main benefits of using a MacBook or iMac mockup is that you can add some much needed context to your website or webapp, below are some examples of the different types of mockups you can make. Placeit has hundreds of different Macbook and iMac mockups, you’re sure to find something perfect for your project!
Move your cursor over each mockup to see it in use.

Each Macbook mockup is carefully designed to show off your website in context.

Transparent background mockups are perfect assets to use with your existing backgrounds or images.

Macbook, iMac and Macbook air mockups are available, to showcase your website.

Show people using your website with a professional iMac mockup .

Watch as your website is turned from a static image into a brilliant mockup .

Make a great first impression with a slick Macbook Air mockup .

Kick It up a Notch with Macbook Mockup Videos!

Just like the image mockups, video mockups let your customers “see” themselves actually using your website and allow you to promote your website in a visually appealing way. Macbook mockup videos are a great way to do it, use them to make sure your audience pays attention and can’t help but want to try your website!

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Now that you’ve seen how easy it is to make a professional Macbook or iMac mockup to promote your website, there’s no excuse not to give your site the best chance it has at succeeding.

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