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In the Twitch world, you want a logo that’ll make you stand out from the crowd of fellow gamers. A strong Twitch logo combined with impressive gaming skills might just land you a sponsorship!

Hundreds of Twitch Logo Template Styles

Placeit’s Twitch logo maker is a great tool for all Twitch affiliates to create their logo in seconds without any assistance! There are thousands of templates to choose from. You can find graphics for big bold letters, peculiar characters, aggressive animals, animated fruits, fantasy characters, gaming icons, gaming consoles, and much more! You can even animate a logo for Twitch!

How to Create Twitch Logos

Hundreds of Templates

Our Twitch logo creator offers hundreds of logo templates and combinations you can use. Choose a template that you really like.

Endless CUstomizations

Customize your template! You can change fonts, colors, graphics and type in your gaming brand or your name.

Download Your Logo

Once you are happy with your design you can hit the download button to get your logo right away!

Share Your Logo!

It’s time to share your logo everywhere! Upload to your Twitch channel and any other gaming platform you game on.

More templates


  1. Go to Placeit’s Twitch logo library.
  2. Choose a template that goes well with your channel’s style.
  3. Customize your template. You can add text, graphics, change colors, and so on.
  4. When you are done with your customizations you can hit the download button to get your logo ready to go!
  1. Go into Placeit’s home and on the top bar click on “Gaming”.
  2. On the top left corner there’s a drop down with the option “mixed”. Select “free” instead.
  3. Filter your results with the options on your left, chose the one that says “Logo Maker”.
  4. Voilá! You can now choose any free logo for your Twitch channel!

When you’re an online personality and streaming on Twitch, it’s important to think of the brand you’re trying to create. There are thousands of people that also stream, so think of the thing that sets you apart from the rest and create a brand around it. You can think of the gaming logo or Twitch profile picture you want to be known for, it can include your channel’s name and a mascot that people will identify as being part of your brand.

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