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Why Do I Need Transparent Mockups?

Great transparent mockups are just what you need to promote your app and make sure it stands out from the sea of apps that are published weekly. You’ve spent countless hours coding and polishing your app and you’re ready to publish it to the app store, don’t let your hard work go to waste with mediocre visual assets! Placeit’s transparent mockups are what you need to make sure your promote your app with the best possible visual polish. Every day your app is going to have more and more competition, just look at the chart below at the number of apps available on the app store, more than 2,200,000 as of January 2017. This number is only going to increase, you can’t afford not to use the best visual mockups to give your app the best chance it has to reach the top of the charts!

Monthly app store apps available

*statistics from

How to Make Transparent Mockups

Here’s a quick video tutorial that shows you how ridiculously easy it is to make stunning transparent mockups, in this case it’s a sleek iPhone X mockup but the steps are the same for all app mockups.
Step 1

Choose an App Mockup

There are hundreds of transparent mockups available. Whether you’re looking for iPhone mockups, iPad Mockups, iMac mockups or MacBook mockups, Placeit has you covered!

Step 2

Upload Your Screenshot or Enter Your Website's URL

Either upload your screenshot or click on “From URL” to have Placeit take the screenshot for you, it couldn’t be easier!
Step 3

Download Your Incredible Transparent Mockup

That’s how easy it is to create professional transparent mockups. With Placeit, there’s no reason your app shouldn’t look amazing!

What Makes Placeit's Transparent Mockups the Best?

Swiss Army Knife

Super Versatile

Leave those sketchy psds behind and use Placeit’s brilliant transparent mockups to promote your app across the web. On your app’s website, on social media and on ads, no background means these mockups will look incredible wherever you use them. Simply drop them on top of whatever background works best for your app and you rest assured your app mockups are going to look incredible!

Pixel Perfect

Pixel - Perfect

These mockups have been meticulously polished to a professional sheen. Not a pixel is out of place and that’s exactly what you want when you’re interested in making a great first impression. Don’t settle for anything less than Placeit’s pixel-perfect transparent app mockups. Whether you need an iPhone mockup, a MacBook mockup or an iPad mockup, Placeit has you covered.

Landing Page Icons

Ridiculously Easy to Make

No more fiddling with expensive graphic programs or spending hours looking for tutorials on Youtube, with Placeit’s App mockups, it only takes seconds to create incredible, ad-ready MacBook, iPad and iPhone mockups! Simply choose the app mockups you need, upload your screenshot and download your professionally made, ridiculously good looking mockups.

Transparent Mockups for Every App

Placeit’s transparent png mockups are available for every type of app. It doesn’t matter which device shows off the best side of your app, rest assured Placeit has mockups available and they look amazing!

Let Placeit's Transparent Mockups Be Your Secret Weapon

You don’t need to hire a graphic designer or use the same lame overused mockups that everyone else is using. If you want your app or webapp to look incredible and make potential customer stop what they’re doing and take notice, you need some great looking transparent mockups. Placeit has hundreds of brilliant app mockups that are just what your app needs to look irresistible and drive those downloads!
" Placeit 's transparent mockups are crazy good, they really make our apps look super polished"
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