Tablet Mockups

With Placeit’s amazing Tablet Mockups you can now display your work easily to make your customers fall in love with your designs! These Tablet Mockups are perfect for showing off your new app design, your new brand’s website, or any design you want to promote for digital devices! It’s as easy as uploading your design on any mockup you like and downloading your professional image to post right away!

Use This Mockup Tool & Promote Your Site!

See your designs in action in real-life scenarios using professional looking images. There are tons of different tablet mockups you can try, take a look at a few of these or go to our tablet mockup library.

How to Make a Tablet Mockup

Grid Icon

Go to Placeit’s Tablet Mockup library and choose an image to display your work on. You can filter for transparent mockups if you need to.

Sliders Icon

Once on the tablet mockup screen, upload your image. Consider the aspect ratio suggested by the placeholder for a perfect fit.

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When you are done placing your image, you can change the background color on some mockups. Finally, click on the download button.

Promote Everywhere

Don’t stop at tablets! Show your users your app or website is responsive using all kinds of devices to display your design! Promote like a pro with beautiful images like iPhone mockups, MacBook mockups, and more.

Looking for More Mockups?

If you are building a new site, an app, or making some awesome designs, you may want to show them off using all kinds of devices! Help your customers visualize your products easily with iPhone Mockups, Android Mockups, MacBook Mockups and more!

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