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Why Choose Video Instead of Images

  • 92% of purchases are influenced by visuals.
  • 67% of the times, customers will choose the product with the best marketing.
  • 4 times more consumers prefer to watch a video than an image and text post.
  • Videos have double the click-through rate than images.
  • Video ads are up to 12 times more likely to convert than image ads.

Let’s make a quick test:

Where Would You Click?

That’s how you get your customer’s attention!

How do Video Templates Work?

Video mockups aren’t just for designers. You can showcase your t-shirt designs in an attractive way without the software skills or hiring someone. How?

Using Placeit!

It just takes a few seconds:

  1. Choose a video template
  2. Upload your design
  3. Let Placeit do its magic
  4. Download the finished video

Time to raise your numbers!

Promote Your Brand With Apparel Videos

You can make a promo video for your t-shirt brand or your last seasonal collection. Put together a couple of our templates to create an original, professional and high quality video that will help you make more sales. The combinations are endless!

Placeit has subscription plans with UNLIMITED video downloads for just $199, along with image mockups and free design templates. Raise your conversion rates just by changing your ads into videos, and profit from the best of both worlds.

Just Get More Sales

Either for ads or for more comprehensive videos, Placeit provides the fastest and easiest way to create professional videos for your brand and products. Boost your campaigns and hijack your customers attention!

No matter the niche or size of your t-shirt business, there is no better cost-effective way to do advertising than with video mockups.

Make your audience love your brand

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Designers and Entrepreneurs Love Placeit!

Placeit Customer review 1
Placeit gives my business beautiful photorealistic images that we can use everywhere.

Placeit Customer review 2
Placeit provides beautiful photorealistic images that we can use everywhere to promote our brand.

Placeit Cutomer review 3
All of my brand’s video content comes from Placeit, it’s so easy to use that I can make dozens of promo videos in no time.

Placeit Customer David Carcetti
Placeit gives my business that professional look I was going for, without having to spend time and money on photoshoots.


Over 100k+ Customers Use Placeit!

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