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It is as simple as Dragging-and-Dropping your image file!
1. Choose a template from our library.
2. Drag-and-drop your design.
3. All Done! Download Your Photorealistic Tshirt Mockup!
"92% of consumers say visuals are the top 
influencing factor affecting a purchase decision."

Professional mockups templates make all the difference!

Ready to launch a new brand? Or maybe this season’s designs are just in? T-shirt mockups are a perfect option to showcase your designs in a relatable way to your clients. With the best visual assets on your side, persuading potential customers will be no problem. Don’t just sell, deliver an experience; bring your clients one step closer to your brand and to live your products first hand. Give your clients both context and use cases when you use realistic t-shirt mockups in a professional manner; the more realistic the more your client will be able to immerse themselves in the idea, thus approving your project.

x Without Placeit
✔ With Placeit
x Without Placeit
✔ With Placeit
Share your photorealistic designs on your Facebook Brand Page, Instagram Story, and E-Commerce product pages to increase revenue in your business. User engagement increases with realistic images!
"67% of consumers say the quality of a product image is critical in selecting and purchasing a product."

Need more?
Try our Videos!

Do you feel like you need a more professional and creative way of gathering your customers' attention? Try out video mockups!

They work just like a regular image mockup, but with an even better result: The only thing you have to do is choose the video you like the most, drag and drop the image and your video will be made in seconds. You will convert new costumers faster by showing your shirt in a video.
Take a look at an example of how our customers use our Apparel Video Mockups!
Your fresh t-shirt videos will help people experience how your great designs will look in real life. They are specially designed so that you can be sure everyone will take the time to take a look at them. You can upload your video to your own YouTube channel, or download it and put it on your website or preferred Social Media channel.

What a change, right?

x Generic template
x Standard stock photo
✔ Fun animated video
✔ Professional video

Create Stunning T-Shirt Mockups With Placeit's Templates

Mockups on-the-go! No plugins or additional software needed, all you need is your browser and a design to drag-and-drop on one of our templates. If you think T-shirt mockups are just for designers who want to showcase their work, think again. Promoting branded merchandise as a business owner or displaying your latest work as an illustrator can be of great help to your business. No more going through tiring and expensive photoshoots or hours on Photoshop, just simple easy-to-use T-shirt mockups. Take a look at our top used templates!
And yes, in Placeit you can find templates of kids, teens, and adults from both genres and from many different races. Choose the template that best goes with your clothing brand and get ready to boost your sales.
“Facebook posts with photos have the highest user engagement than any other post. 37% higher level of engagement for photos over text.”

Mix-And-Match Your Design On Different Garment Colors

Keep pace with the ever growing customer demands by providing personalized apparel of the highest quality. Once you have selected the template you want to place your design on, you will be able to see on the right side bar of your screen a grid with the different colors available. You know how difficult it is to achieve this with Photoshop? It usually takes a very long time for the average user to work their way around PSD files downloaded from the internet. On Placeit you are just a few clicks away from a design that looks professional and works perfectly.

Unlimited Possibilities!

With Placeit's unlimited subscription you don't need to decide ahead of time which mockups you want to use to promote your t-shirt designs. For only $29 a month you can have it all! Every single mockup avaiable today and any future mockups we add (and add new ones each week) are yours to use! Not only that but you also get access to our t-shirt video mockups and our t-shirt design templates, If you're an aspiring t-shirt seller or a seasoned veteran, this deal is a no-brainer!
Entrepreneurs and Designers LOVE Placeit
My Instagram feed looks super awesome now! Way more likes!

We don't keep inventory so it's very hard to get good product images. Placeit gives us beautiful photorealistic shots!

My Facebook CTR rates have gone way up since we started using Placeit!

The shots I used to take were obviously taken by an amateur. Now we can look pro without spending much!

Got Questions?
How much does it cost?

Images with a transparent background and high resolution images are only $8 each. You can also sign up for an unlimited subscription which gives you unlimited access for only $29 a month.

Where can I use the images?

Our unlimited license allows you to share your images anywhere you like! The most common use cases would be in your social media or in your product page!

How many templates do you have?

We currently have 1,082 templates and we should have to up 1,500 by the end of the year!

Do you have colors as well?

Yes! We have 32 colors (the most popular) for each of the template options.

What kind of apparel do you have templates of?

T-shirts, Tank tops, Hoodies, Hats, Bags, Long Sleeves, Leggings, Polo Shirts, Raglans and more!

What if I like the model but not so much the template’s background?

No problem, on our left side menu you can find several filters to narrow your mockup search. Choose “Transparent” and you will get mockups with a transparent background for you to further edit and get creative with.

What do I need to make a mockup?

You just need your design and a web browser!

How long does it take?

Usually 3 seconds.

What else do you offer?

We have more than 3000 Print and Digital mockups, we actually proclaimed ourselves as the mockup kings! All sorts of entrepreneurs use our designs. From iPhone and MacBook mockups to promote an app or website to mugs, flyers, posters and ebooks for branding purposes and amazing apparel mockups in all sorts of scenarios, models and garments. Placeit has the mockup you didn't know you were looking for. As you can see, mockups are our thing.

Who makes these?

We do! Our production team creates each and every one of our mockups and we have full rights to the images.

What if I can't find the mockup that I need?

If you are selling to a super specific niche and you can't find in our gallery a template that works for you, please email us! Our team will make sure to point you in the right direction or take your request in case we don't have the mockup you are looking for.

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