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Using Placeit's t-shirt maker you can create custom t-shirts in seconds and promote them! Whether you have a great idea and want to run your own t-shirt business, have an important upcoming event, or own a project that needs the push of branding, you’ve come to the right place.
Make a T-Shirt Design

Hundreds of Templates to Design a Shirt

Choose from tons of templates featuring cool fonts, images, adorable icons, animals, food, symbols, and find a design for every occasion! You can also start from zero with a blank shirt template.
If you’re about to start a new business from home, you have just bumped into the right place! The t-shirt business is an industry that keeps growing. With a revenue of US $154.144M in 2019, why not be part of this growth? If you have internet, a laptop, and a comfortable spot in your house, you’re already in business! From baby onesies to adult size t-shirts, there is plenty of markets to cover.

Create a Clothing Logo for Your Brand

Before making your t-shirts, you need to think big! You need a brand! Create a logo for your t-shirts so they can be recognized anywhere. You don’t have to worry about hiring a specialist, you can do it yourself very easily with an online logo maker. All you need are these 4 things:
  • A name: Make it short and sticky, elegant, or serious! It’s your choice.
  • A font: Select the typography that represents your style the most.
  • A color palette: Choose from 2 to 3 main colors. Make sure these colors represent your philosophy.
  • An icon: This is optional since you can use a wordmark logo for your brand. The icon must represent your philosophy or what you mainly do.
Get Inspired

Use This Shirt Design Maker to Create Beautiful Designs

There are no limits but your creativity. You don’t need to start from zero. With t-shirt design templates, you can create as many designs as you want with different styles. Just customize colors and texts with a few clicks, and you are ready to upload them to your favorite POD shop. Take into consideration these thoughts before you start clicking: – Who are your designs for? – What is your brand’s main message? – What is your color palette? – What is your font style? By answering these questions, you will be able to create a unified style with all your t-shirts and communicate a clear message of your brand. Bonus: Seasonal styles are always great to have or adorable icons of animals, food, objects, and symbols, you name it!
Make a T-Shirt Design

Make Eye-Catching Images with T-Shirt Mockups

Your logo and t-shirt designs are ready to use, but, how can you display them without spending so much money? T-Shirt mockups are perfect for catalogs, online shops, social media, and more! Create engaging images for your market, made by professionals. From t-shirt on hangers to models using your designs in different environments. Use your images on social media to learn from your market which designs are more popular. They will for sure they leave comments or likes. Use your images for printed or digital promotion.
Play with Mockups!

Get them Moving: Tons of T-Shirt Video Possibilities

There is nothing more engaging than video content. You can also display your t-shirt creations with professional videos. Don’t feel overwhelmed! Our photographers already did the hard work for you! Just visit this online video maker and start uploading your designs!
Try Your Designs on Videos

How to Make a T-Shirt Design Step by Step

Choose a T-Shirt Template

This might be the hardest part, choose a template that you really like! Yes, there are A LOT of them we know… But you will surely find something that goes perfectly with your style.

Now It’s Time to Sell T-Shirts Online

Once you have your brand, your t-shirt designs and beautiful images covered, you need a strategy to sell t-shirts online. All the beauty of working from home is that everything has to be done from your computer. You need choose 3 specific things to sell your products:

Select Your Online Shop

You can make your online shop with eCommerce sites like Shopify, but you do need some level of expertise to get your online shop ready. You can also start with a POD (Print on Demand) and you won’t have to worry about inventory. These sites take care of printing and shipping. So, focus on your designs and a strategies to drive traffic to your site.

What to Share on Social Media

Social networks are a must! It’s how you can communicate with your followers, share with them your new designs, offers, giveaways, etc. This gives your brand a voice and space to interact with your market. You will have feedback and discover through likes, shares, and comments on your products. Start with Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

Use the Right Marketing Tools

Making your strategies for social media is also easy once you have the right tools on your side. With social media templates, mockups, and stock images, you’ll have a complete campaign ready in a breeze. Create everything from giveaways and sales to your facebook covers.
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