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Woman Resting Using MacBook Air Wide

App Mockup Generator,Woman Resting Using Macbook Air

Before she goes out to the beach, this woman opens her Macbook Air. She finds the 1440 x 900 px  screenshot of your start

Google Nexus 7 White Background

Nexus 7 portrait. Instant Screenshots for Your Apps!

This Google Nexus stage is very simple. It’s just the Google Nexus 7 by it’s self, on white. You could use this product m

Woman Resting Holding iPhone 5s Gold Wide

iPhone Mockup Gold 5S Held by Woman Relaxing

Relaxing on a couch watching a movie. This woman holds up her iPhone 5s gold, taking a look at your app. She’s lyin

White Samsung Galaxy S3 Perspective

White Samsung Galaxy S3 Perspective. Mockup Generator!

This white Samsung Galaxy s3 perspective is a free mockup you can use for your comps. The phone floats over a white backg

iPad Mini Vs iPhone Portrait Blue Table

Black iPhone and iPhone. App Screenshot Generator!

This iPhone mockup template is perfect for a multi-platform app. We’re looking at the devices from a top-down view. The i

iPhone Vs iPad Portrait Yellow Wood

Product Mockup Template, iPhone iPad on wood table

This is a multi-platform mockup template focusing on a black iPad mini and a black iPhone. Both of the devices are laid o

Black iPhone 5 Beauty Spa 2

Product Mockup Template, iPhone beauty products

An iPhone lays on a fake fur pillow. Next to it, pink nail polish, a pair of white headphones and an golden purse. If you

iPad Vs iPhone Keyboard Desktop

iPhone with iPad and Keyboard. App Screenshot creator

This mockup template is great for business users. The setting is a business user that has his bluetooth keyboard hooked u

iPhone Vs iPad Portrait Desktop Keyboard

Create Instant Screenshots! iPhone iPad Keyboard

Get a perfect side by side comparison of your app or website mockup on an iPhone and iPad. They are set on a light grey w

Black iPad Mini Blue Background

Mockups for Free! iPad mini blue backdrop

This is black iPad mini mockup laid out on a blue surface. The angle of the shot is a top shot (bird’s eye view). I

Nokia Lumia 1920 Red

Mockups Images! Nokia Lumia

A frontal, professional shot of a Nokia Lumia 1920 red. This minimalist stage can be used on all sorts of websites or pre

iPad Samsung Galaxy iPhone Outdoors

Mockups Idea: iPad Galaxy iPhone held by friends grass

This stage feature three friends sitting outside and and sharing something on their smart devices. The users in this stag

Nexus 7 Wooden Table

Device Mockup Nexus 7 Portrait View on Wooden Table

A black Nexus 7 lies on a picnic table displaying your app. The Nexus 7 holds a mockup of 800x1280px. The table is a ligh

Nexus 7 Portrait Wooden Table Touch Screen

Mockups Screenshots, Nexus touchscreen

Nexus 7 is a 7 inch touch screen tablet computer with a 800x1200px screen running Android. This amazing black android moc

Black iPhone 5 Portrait On Wooden Table

Digital PR materials! iPhone simple portrait mode

This mockup is in an executive meeting before anyone shows up. The black iPhone 5 is in portrait orientation and gives yo

iPhone Portrait Next To White Vases

Digital PR campaign in seconds! iPhone with white vases

This portrait-oriented iPhone, balances on top of a polished, wood table. The black iPhone contrasts nicely to the white

iPhone 5s Portrait Speakers

Product Mockup Template, iPhone Speakers

On a wooden table an iPhone 5s is set on a clay stand to the left hand side of the stage.  In front of it is a small clay

iPhone 5s Gold Oriental Restaurant

Mockups tool! Gold iPhone on restaurant table

Place your product app prototype screenshot in this iPhone 5s Gold. The environment is in an Oriental restaurant setting,

iPhone 5s Gold Portrait Dark Surface

Realistic Mockups! Gold iPhone black surface

An unusual and eye-catching mockup. This iPhone 5s Gold seems to float in space. Your product screenshot will stand out o

White iPad Vs Black iPhone 5

Product Mockup Template, White iPad vs Black iPhone 5

Double the exposure! Place two different product screenshots in this mockup. Both stages are at a left angle and portrait

Wii Screen Control

Product Mockup Template, Wii Screen Control

Check it out! For the game and game components designers! Here is an exciting mockup to place your product screenshot! Th

Nexus 7 On Dark Surface

Product Mockup Template, Nexus 7 on Dark Surface

Your start-up product or new app screenshot will stand out in this black on black image. The black Nexus 7 seems to be fl

iPhone 5c iPad Mini iPad iPhone 5s Wooden Table

iPhone Mockup 5C/5S & iPad on Wooden Table

White iPhone 5c, black iPad Mini paralel to a black iPad, and a black iPhone 5s. iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s are touchscreen-