Young Woman at a Hip Coffee Shop Using an iPad Mockup  a5112Base Image
Young Woman at a Hip Coffee Shop Using an iPad Mockup  a5112Stage Image
Young Woman at a Hip Coffee Shop Using an iPad Mockup  a5112
Young Woman at a Hip Coffee Shop Using an iPad Mockup  a5112Processed Image

Young Woman at a Hip Coffee Shop Using an iPad Mockup

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This beautiful stock photo features a young woman at a hip coffee shop using an iPad to plan her summer holidays. She's got everything she needs! If you have a new travel app you'd like to introduce into the marketplace, this might be the perfect mockup for you to use. Just drag and drop a screenshot of your app onto the device featured on the template or input a URL so Placeit can do the rest of the work for you. What are you waiting for? Create amazing visual content within minutes with the help of marketing tools from Placeit! See more iPad mockups here!

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