Working on iMac And iPad MiniBase Image
Working on iMac And iPad MiniStage Image
Working on iMac And iPad Mini
Working on iMac And iPad MiniProcessed Image

iMac and iPad Mini Mockup Of Man Working at His Desk

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This is an amazing mockup with unlimited marketing potential. It features a young man sitting in front of an iMac and a White iPad Mini, while at work. This mockup can act as a great marketing tool. The main focus of this image is the large screen of the iMac, which is the perfect place for you to display a screenshot from your site. And the addition of the landscape iPad Mini means you can highlight another screenshot or your logo or show off your mobile responsive website. Remember, double the screens means double the marketing power. By using this multistage mockup from Placeit, you'll see amazing results for your website.

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