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Working in Garden Close Up (With Gestures)
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Man Drinks Coffee and Works in Garden Using iPhone 6 Demo Video

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This app demo video features a young man who decided to work by the garden today, he has so many things to do before the end of the day he figured the fresh and green environment would help him focus and relax while accomplishing his tasks. This app demo video presents a black iPhone 6 being used in portrait position over a wooden desk, next to a laptop, it is definitely a great place for you to display a productivity app since this young man is using both the black iPhone 6 and the Macbook at the same time. It is a beautiful video that shows great contrast between high tech devices and nature, use this app demo video to present your new iOS app and allow your users to get to know its features and design with natural hand gestures. By using app demo videos as a part of your online marketing strategy, you will be presenting your iOS app in an original way that will include context. Besides, using Placeit to create app demo videos is the easiest thing! Just record your website or app and it will be adjusted to fit this scenario, try it out right away and see for yourself! See more App Demo Videos here!

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