Woman With Running Shoes And Gold iPhone 6Base Image
Woman With Running Shoes And Gold iPhone 6Stage Image
Woman With Running Shoes And Gold iPhone 6
Woman With Running Shoes And Gold iPhone 6Processed Image

Gold iPhone 6 Mockup Of Young Woman With Running Shoes

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Wanting to showcase your mobile responsive website? Then checkout this fun iPhone mockup from Placeit. This scene features a young woman taking a walk, while using her gold iPhone 6 in landscape position. You can almost feel how engrossed she is with her iPhone. But what has her attention? Is she chatting with a long time friend? Tracking her steps or calories with a new fitness app? Checking the latest weather app? Or updating the newest social media platform? She could be doing anything really and that's where you come in. By dragging a screenshot from your site onto the iPhone's screen and then downloading this iPhone template you will be able to turn this fun scene into an effective marketing tool for your iOS app or mobile responsive website. See more iPhone mockups here!

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