Woman Using iPad Mini at Living RoomBase Image
Woman Using iPad Mini at Living RoomStage Image
Woman Using iPad Mini at Living RoomForeground Image
Woman Using iPad Mini at Living RoomProcessed Image

iPad Mini Mockup of Woman Using White iPad Mini at Living Room

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This young woman is relaxing at her living room at home and she is streaming a video or movie in her white iPad mini, which she is holding in landscape position for a better view. This is a great iPad mini mockup in which you can choose to display your new iOS app, don't just imagine how your app would look in this amazing context, drag a screenshot directly into the iPad mini's screen and see for yourself. It looks amazing, right? Now download your image and share it with the developers, marketers and most importantly, your potential users to share an insight on your new iOS app's design and innovative features. Any entertainment, social or even education app will look fantastic in this home environment, go ahead and give it a try.
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