Woman Using Black iPhone 6 At a RestaurantBase Image
Woman Using Black iPhone 6 At a RestaurantStage Image
Woman Using Black iPhone 6 At a RestaurantForeground Image
Woman Using Black iPhone 6 At a RestaurantProcessed Image

Mockup of a Woman Using a Black iPhone 6 At a Restaurant

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Looking for a creative new way for marketing your newest iOS app? Then take Placeit's mockup templates for a spin. It's super easy and fun, to turn a Placeit template into an amazing app marketing tool that will showcase your app's new design and features within a relatable context. You just need to pick out a cool scene that will make your iOS app look great; then drag a screenshot from your app onto the iPhone's screen in the mockup, then download the image. That's it, it truly is that simple! And when you're done you'll have a fun knew ad, featuring your product in an everyday situation. Like this scene, in which we can see a woman at a busy restaurant, she is completely engrossed with her black iPhone 6 in portrait position. And now, it can be your own app that has her smiling!

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