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Woman On a Couch Holding Her iPad
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iPad Mini Template Featuring a Woman Sitting on a Couch Holding Her iPad

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Can you think of a more effective way to market your website than having people see it being used in a real life scenario? But how do you pull that off? It's simple, you just need Placeit mockup templates to build up the magic. How does it work? First you pick out a scene that will promote your website in a fun way. Like this scene, for example. It features a smiling young woman who is holding her white iPad Mini in landscape position as she relaxes at her home living room. Is this girl shopping online, playing a game, watching a video or checking out a new social media platform? Well that's up to you. You can drag a screenshot from your mobile responsive website or iOS app and place it right onto of the iPad's screen. Then it's your website that has this woman smiling. After that, just share your amazing results with potential users and clients to enhance your app marketing strategy.

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