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iPad Mockup Template of Young Woman Laying in Bed

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Now this is a really great scene to promote your iOS app or cool new website. It features a young woman, relaxing on her bed, with her feet up against the wall, holding her iPad and enjoying whatever's on the screen. The clean, white walls and the bright natural lighting in her bedroom, provides a crisp, classic backdrop to this scene, that enhances the main focus of the photo. Which is clearly the young woman, holding her iPad, but the real hero here is that great shot of the iPad's large screen. It's there to take your online marketing strategy to the next level. How can it do that exactly? It's really easy and fun, plus it will take you only a few moments to turn this template into a really cool marketing tool. All you need to do is to drag a fun, detailed screenshot from your iOS app or website and place it onto the iPad's screen, then you'll just need to download the template, with your screenshot in place, and tadá! You'll have created a super neat online marketing tool, that's ready to be shown to the world!
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