Woman Holding Nexus 7 LandscapeBase Image
Woman Holding Nexus 7 LandscapeStage Image
Woman Holding Nexus 7 LandscapeForeground Image
Woman Holding Nexus 7 LandscapeProcessed Image

Product Mockup Template, Nexus 7 Woman

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Here is an interesting mockup of a woman holding a Nexus 7. Her finger hovers over the screen in anticipation of interaction. Her bare shoulder takes up the lower right of the scene. She is sitting in a living room with cushioned, wood furniture. The wood on the end table and chair across from her are a light tan. The chair has a large ribbed, salmon colored cushion. The floor is a light brown carpet. There is a square lamp base on the table. The stage on the Nexus is landscape oriented and 1920 x 1200 px.

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