White Landscape iPhone 6 video (With Gestures)Base Image
White Landscape iPhone 6 video (With Gestures)Stage Image
White Landscape iPhone 6 video (With Gestures)
White Landscape iPhone 6 video (With Gestures)Processed Image

App Demo Video of White iPhone 6 in Landscape Position

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Imagine creating a beautiful app demo video in a few minutes, just by recording your screen, clicking a button and letting Placeit do the rest. Sounds good? You can do it with this app demo video template of a white iPhone 6 in landscape mode. You can choose from a vast array of backgrounds to frame your app in this beautiful app demo video template. After recording, Placeit will generate gestures to replace your mouse movements and clicks, effectively creating a realistic and beautiful promo video to use as your marketing collateral, home page video or even on social media. You can also upload directly to Youtube to add music or edit together with other clips.

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