White iPhone 6 On Wooden Park BenchBase Image
White iPhone 6 On Wooden Park BenchStage Image
White iPhone 6 On Wooden Park BenchForeground Image
White iPhone 6 On Wooden Park BenchProcessed Image

iPhone Mockup Template, White iPhone 6

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Showcase your app in this beautiful contrasting image. Classic vs modern. An iPhone 6 mockup lays on a bench at an angle. The bench is made of very rough wood. Behind it, sparkles of green grass enunciate the colors in this image. You can use this image for any iPhone 6 app, specially ones for casual use. Drop an image to start using this iPhone 6 mockup.

If your app is targeted for a creative audience, you should definitely consider this mockup. You can place your design into the screen and it will automatically be rendered with the appropriate reflections, glare and shadows to create a photorealistic mockup to present your design. It is always useful, specially if you are developing an iPhone 6 app, to show your design in context, allowing your users (or clients) to see themselves using your app. Remember you can also input a URL to show it on the device’s screen.

An iPhone 6 mockup like this one is very versatile. The brown and green combination goes well with most designs you can imagine. However, if you are looking for different colors, backgrounds or environments, try one of our other iPhone 6 mockups on the left. We have hundreds of mockups ready for use, so make sure to use our filter to choose the ones that best suit you.

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