Vintage Mockup of an Apple Lisa ComputerBase Image
Vintage Mockup of an Apple Lisa ComputerStage Image
Vintage Mockup of an Apple Lisa Computer
Vintage Mockup of an Apple Lisa ComputerProcessed Image

Vintage Mockup of an Apple Lisa Computer

Feel like going back to the 80's? With this Apple Lisa mockup you surely can. Use this incredibly ingenious mockup and make an impact among your clients instantly. Don't worry about what type of app or website you want to display, this mockup will work perfectly with anything! Only someone crazy wouldn't love using the first ever created commercial computer to portray their ideas, don't you think? Use this original mockup by dragging and dropping a screenshot of your app over the computer on the template, or simply input a URL address above and Placeit will deliver an amazing image that you can start using straight away as part of your unique marketing strategy!
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