Using iPhone 6 While Working Out (With Gestures)Base Image
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Using iPhone 6 While Working Out (With Gestures)
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App Demo Video of Man Working out While Using iPhone 6

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Ninety eight. Ninety nine. One hundred. In a beautiful garden, a man works out and does pushups. He is focused. Determined. He then moves to the pull-ups bar, where he completes another long set. He then decides to take a short break and pulls out his iPhone 6. He looks at it and opens your app. He clicks through your best feature, then puts it away to continue his workout. This app demo video template would fit great with any fitness app, although you should consider it if you have a social app too. You can record your screen and generate a powerful app promo video in minutes. Placeit will add hand gestures to complete the realistic look, so you can use it in your app marketing strategy. The final video is HD and ready for direct upload to Youtube, your home page or for further editing in your NLE of choice. See more App Demo Videos here!