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Using iPhone 6 While Running (With Gestures)
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Young Man Training for a Marathon iPhone 6 App Demo Video

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Running a marathon is not an easy thing to do, it requires for lots of training and a positive mindset. This young man is perfectly aware of that, and is putting all of his effort in transforming himself into a marathon runner. With only two weeks left before the big day, he goes out for a morning run and uses his iPhone 6 to get new running tips and training routines from this new app, thanks to his smartphone and this app's amazing features he won't need to go to a professional trainer and he will be more than ready. This iPhone 6 Demo Video is the perfect place to display your new health and fitness website or app, use it to give out some context to you app/ website's features, make your potential users have a look at how they could use your app, our natural hand gestures allow you to transmit that unique feel and generate more users and downloads, try it out here by just uploading or recording your video.

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