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Using iPhone 6 for Meditation (With Gestures)
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Young Girl Meditating in the Garden iPhone 6 App Demo Video

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Meditation is one of the healthiest practices, unfortunately, our lifestyle doesn't always allow us to sign up for a class, spend time on commuting or find a partner. The girl on this video found the solution to that problem and is now enjoying a peaceful moment in her own backyard, she browses meditation techniques and routines directly from her iPhone 6! The scenario is fresh, relaxing and invigorating, it is the perfect spot to showcase your new fitness and lifestyle app or website for a natural feel. Show your users how they would actually take advantage of your app with this demo video, and with the natural hand gestures, they will definitely want to try out those great features by themselves. Use this iPhone 6 app demo video and increase your downloads with this magnific display of your design and features.

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