Successful Young Man With iMac and iPadBase Image
Successful Young Man With iMac and iPadStage Image
Successful Young Man With iMac and iPadForeground Image
Successful Young Man With iMac and iPadProcessed Image

Mockup of Businessman Using iMac and iPad Mini at the Office

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This mockup features a young businessman using his iMac and his iPad Mini in landscape at a corporate office, he has a successful look and seems to enjoy his job. You just developed an amazing app or website that will change how business management gets done? Share it! This iMac and iPad Mini mockup allows you to simply drag screenshots of your iOS business or productivity app into the screens of this apple devices, or just type your URL above and Placeit will automatically generate a screenshot to display. Once you create your mockup -it will only take a few seconds- go ahead and share it with coworkers, business partners, clients, potential users, and the entire web! By choosing to share your website or iOS app with mockups, you will present use cases and scenarios for your users, give it a try right away and use this iMac and iPad Mini Mockup to enhance your app and online marketing. See more Multiple Device Mockups here!

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