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Woman Sitting on Red Couch and Using Sony Xperia Z3 Mockup

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This is a beautiful android template which features a young woman relaxing by the living room after a long day of work; she is holding her new black Sony Xperia Z3 in portrait position and is browsing your new android app or mobile responsive website on her smartphone. This is a great Sony Xperia Z3 mockup, it provides a warm and cozy context in which you can display your new entertainment or productivity app to provide some context to it. Use device mockups as a part of your app marketing strategy and to enhance visibility of your app's features. All you need to do is drag a screenshot of your app directly into the Sony Xperia's screen, or type your URL above; Placeit will deliver an amazing image that will merge your fantastic new app within this relatable scenario, share this image with your app's potential users and business partners.

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