Sony Xperia With Glasses and NewspaperBase Image
Sony Xperia With Glasses and NewspaperStage Image
Sony Xperia With Glasses and NewspaperForeground Image
Sony Xperia With Glasses and NewspaperProcessed Image

Android Mockup of Sony Xperia With Glasses and Newspaper

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There are hundreds of android apps at the Google Play store, in order to make yours stand out you must think outside the box, using device mockups as a part of your app marketing strategy is a great idea since they will allow you to share an insight of your app's design and features while being used in a real life scenario. Take a look at this particular mockup, the image has a great lightning which generates a warm environment that complements perfectly with the items on the table, we can see a newspaper with a pair of reading glasses on top of it, and next to these, the beautiful Sony Xperia, isn't it a great mockup? Try it out now by simply dragging your image onto the Sony Xperia's screen, or just type your URL above.

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