Reading and Drinking Beer (With Gestures)Base Image
Reading and Drinking Beer (With Gestures)Stage Image
Reading and Drinking Beer (With Gestures)
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iPhone 6 App Demo Video of Man Reading and Drinking Beer at a Bar

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This demo video is set up at a local bar, we can see it's a nice place with a rusty and cozy feel. A young man is sitting at a table and enjoys a beer while reading a chapter of his favorite book. He is using his iPhone 6 to distract himself a little bit from all that heavy reading. This is a great stage to show your new entertainment or messaging app, maybe even a dictionary or notepad app could also look amazing in this context! With this app promo video, you will be able to display your app's design and features in a unique and professional manner, especially because of the storyline and the. Use this app demo video to share your app between coworkers, partners or potential users and let our natural hand gestures guide them into you app, there's no better way to give your efforts the exposure they deserve, try it out now by recording or uploading your video.

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