Preparing Breakfast - iPhone 6 (With Gestures)Base Image
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Preparing Breakfast - iPhone 6 (With Gestures)
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App Demo Video of Man Using iPhone 6 While Preparing Breakfast

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This young man is having fun in the kitchen while he prepares himself a nice and healthy breakfast at home, today will be a big day at the office, and he has to be ready for it! After getting everything ready and sitting on the table, he uses his Gold iPhone 6 in portrait position to search for more healthy recipes, it is amazing how much a device like the iPhone 6 can do to improve everyday activities. This is a great scenario for you to display your new iOS app or mobile responsive website in a clever way that will allow your potential users to get an insight on your design and features thanks to the natural hand gestures we will add to your app recording. Go ahead and try it out right away, using app demo videos will enhance your app marketing strategy.

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