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Pool Day With iPhone 6 (With Gestures)
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iPhone 6 App Demo Video of Girl Having a Relaxing Day at the Pool

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While on vacation, this young woman enjoys a relaxing day at the pool, who says you don't need rest from all that sight seeing an museum visiting? She peacefully drinks her beverage and uses her iPhone 6 to browse touristic locations and information to plan the rest of the trip, what a great way to spend the day! You can use this app demo video to display your traveling, lifestyle or entertainment app within a fresh and unique context. With this engaging storyline and our natural hand gestures, you can guide your potential users through your design and features to showcase just how great and different your new app is. Just upload or record your video and take a look at how great it looks within this scenario, then share it with coworkers, partners and potential users to increase your users and downloads.

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