Nexus 7 Portrait Business ManBase Image
Nexus 7 Portrait Business ManStage Image
Nexus 7 Portrait Business ManForeground Image
Nexus 7 Portrait Business ManProcessed Image

Nexus 7 Portrait Business Man

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Place your start-up product screenshot into this Google Nexus 7! The 800 x 1280 px. stage is being held at a right angle at portrait orientation. The business man holding it could be a Contractor or an Architect. He sits in a chair while facing a brick wall. He is dressed in stylish but comfortable grey slacks. His legs are crossed, and he is wearing brown boots. A soft reflection of the light above glows off the matte polished wood floor. A white PVC pipe runs along the bottom of the brick wall. This pipe is either a design statement or the kick-plate has not yet been installed to cover the plumbing.

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