Mom and Kids With iPad at the GardenBase Image
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iPad Mockup of Mom and Kids Playing With White iPad at the Garden

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Mom just found a great new iOS app that provides fun games and videos for her kids to enjoy. She is spending some quality time with her two toddlers as they explore that amazing new app in the garden. The iPad is probably one of the best devices for sharing games an apps with the little ones, that is why this iPad mockup is the perfect scenario for you to display your new kids app in a context that shares a real life use case and to which your potential users will relate. This mockup features a white iPad being held by this young mother in landscape position, this is a green environment that will create great contrast with your app as the white iPad nicely stands out from the image. All you need to do is drag your screenshot directly into the white iPad, or simply type the URL of your mobile responsive website above and Placeit will automatically generate a screenshot; your end result will be a beautiful image for you to share with the world as a part of your app marketing campaign.
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