Mockup Template of iPhone 6 On Top Of Wooden DeskBase Image
Mockup Template of iPhone 6 On Top Of Wooden DeskStage Image
Mockup Template of iPhone 6 On Top Of Wooden Desk
Mockup Template of iPhone 6 On Top Of Wooden DeskProcessed Image

iPhone 6 on a Wooden Desk

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Show the distinguished nature of your new iOS app by featuring its design and features in this template on the screen of a gold iPhone 6 in portrait position. The clean lines in this image do well to subliminally alert your clientele to the straightforward results they will get from frequent use of your product while the wood brings a warm that piques memories of time spent outdoors. After one look at your app or mobile responsive website featured in this image, clients will be ready to buy. Simple and versatile: as is your product, so should be its mockup template. Let's get started! See how wonderfully this image will highlight your work by dragging and dropping a screenshot onto the iPhone's screen or clicking "Grab Screenshot From URL" above the image and typing a URL when prompted.

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