Mockup Template of Android Smartphone at Bike shop Base Image
Mockup Template of Android Smartphone at Bike shop Stage Image
Mockup Template of Android Smartphone at Bike shop
Mockup Template of Android Smartphone at Bike shop Processed Image

Android Mockup Template of Black LG G3 at a Bike Shop

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Now this is an amazing mock-up template that you can turn into a great app marketing tool. It features a LG G3 Smartphone, laying on a work bench in a bicycle repair shop. There's bike parts and tools, surrounding the LG G3 phone, that gives this scene a great mechanical feel. Which makes this mock-up template perfect for apps or mobile responsive websites that focus on teaching people how to do their own repairs. Or since this scene takes place in a bike shop, you could use this mock-up template for an app that shows biking trails or a cool new exercising app. This scene could even work for a fun new social app or an app that allows people to share photos or videos. There's really a lot of options here. So, do you think this scene would work for your app? If so, all you need to do is drag a screenshot from your app or mobile responsive website and place it onto the LG G3 screen. Once you've done that, you can download the scene from the Placeit website and you'll be ready to start using this mock-up template as part of your app's marketing strategy.

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