Mockup of a Spa Technician Using an iPhone 6 Plus at WorkBase Image
Mockup of a Spa Technician Using an iPhone 6 Plus at WorkStage Image
Mockup of a Spa Technician Using an iPhone 6 Plus at Work
Mockup of a Spa Technician Using an iPhone 6 Plus at WorkProcessed Image

Mockup of a Spa Technician Using an iPhone 6 Plus at Work

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Need an eye-catching marketing tool that showcases your new iOS app in a true-to-life scene your target demographic can relate to? Then look no further than this beautifully designed stock photo mockup from Placeit marketing tools. It is a polished and elegant look at a female spa technician using a white and gold iPhone 6 Plus smartphone she holds in portrait position to scroll through your new app during a day at work. Whether she’s exploring the hottest beauty products, scheduling clients or discovering new procedures, the possibilities to take her career to the next level are limitless when she has your app at her fingertips. Don’t hesitate to take the next step to stepping up your marketing plans and see this scene at its best with a custom mockup now. Just upload a screenshot of your new app onto the template or input the URL so Placeit can do it for you and get on your way to turning heads.

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