Mockup of a Cracked iPhone 6 Lying on a Wooden FloorBase Image
Mockup of a Cracked iPhone 6 Lying on a Wooden FloorStage Image
Mockup of a Cracked iPhone 6 Lying on a Wooden Floor
Mockup of a Cracked iPhone 6 Lying on a Wooden FloorProcessed Image

Mockup of a Cracked iPhone 6 Lying on a Wooden Floor

Running out of ideas to portray your new iOS app? Then, use this creative, original stock photo from Placeit and make an impression on your consumers straightaway! This stock photo features a cracked iPhone 6 lying on the floor. To be honest, who hasn't been on this situation before? People will love this original template due to its relatability! Start using stock photo mockups from Placeit today by simply uploading a screenshot of your choice onto the iPhone's screen on the template or input the URL so Placeit can do it for you. Choose this fun, relatable stock photo and take your visual marketing strategy to the next level today! See more iPhone mockups here!

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