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Macbook Pro at Coffee Shop
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App Demo Video of Woman Using Macbook Pro at a Coffee Shop

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This app demo video presents a young woman who went to a local coffee shop to relax and finish some work while enjoying a hot cup of coffee. She arrives at the place, sits down on a comfortable sofa and sets up her Macbook Pro over a small table and begins typing. This Macbook demo video provides an amazing context in which you can display your new creative website or web app, she could be using design software, a blogging platform or some spreadsheets, it's up to you! Just record your screen and Placeit will adjust it to the scenario so she will actually look like she is interacting with your website. You will be able to share this video with potential clients or users to provide an insight on your website or web app's features while being used within a real life scenario. Use app demo video templates as a key element of your online marketing strategy and let your website steal the spotlight. See more Laptop mockups here!
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