MacBook Pro And iMac At The OfficeBase Image
MacBook Pro And iMac At The OfficeStage Image
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MacBook Pro And iMac At The OfficeProcessed Image

Market you work! Macbook Pro and iMac ad The Office

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Double down on this two stage mockup! Place your product screenshots into these sleek computer monitors. The larger stage is a 1920 x 1080 px iMac on a chrome stand with a streamlined, white keyboard. The smaller stage is a 1280 x 800 px Macbook Pro propped up on a chrome and resin stand. Both units are sitting on top of a brown, laminated desktop. Behind the Macbook is a window with a white screen pulled down. Behind the iMac is an open window with a city view. to the right of the iMac is a small, white speaker. This excellent mockup can display two different views of the same product or two completely different products!

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