LG G3 at Fancy Upholstery CouchBase Image
LG G3 at Fancy Upholstery CouchStage Image
LG G3 at Fancy Upholstery CouchForeground Image
LG G3 at Fancy Upholstery CouchProcessed Image

Black LG G3 Laying Over a Fancy Upholstery Couch Mockup

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This mockup presents a very original scenario to display your new app or website in; we can see a beautiful black LG G3 smartphone carrying your android app on its screen and laying over a fancy upholstery couch. You can use this android mockup to showcase your new entertainment, lifestyle or social app in a relaxing environment that merges perfectly with the high end device. All you need to do is upload your screenshot or type your site's URL above and the end result will be a great image you will be able to share with partners, coworkers and potential users to improve your app marketing strategy, try it out now!

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