Lemon Tea and iPhone 6Base Image
Lemon Tea and iPhone 6Stage Image
Lemon Tea and iPhone 6Foreground Image
Lemon Tea and iPhone 6Processed Image

iPhone 6 Mockup Featuring a Cup of Lemon Tea

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Have you created a fun new iOS app or mobile responsive website? If you have you'll need a good app marketing tool or two. Which is why you should be using Placeit's iPhone mockups and templates to promote your business and share your wonderful app with the world. Look at this scenario, for example. It features a beautiful shot of a white iPhone 6, being held in portrait position next to a cup of soothing lemon tea. There is a lot you can advertise with this iPhone template; a fun new iOS game or social app. A new way to stream videos or music online, this guy could be checking sports stats or reading up on current events. Anything would work here, and the only thing this scene needs is your iOS app or mobile responsive website screenshot! Use this mockup generator to enhance your app marketing strategy.

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