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iPhone Video at Office (With Gestures)
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iPhone 6 App Demo Video of Young Man Reviewing Documents at Work

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This app demo video presents a young man at a creative office, he is using his black iPhone 6 in portrait position to surf the web while he prints out some documents for a presentation he will have later with potential clients. This app demo video has bright lightning, this man is wearing a white T-shirt, we can also see how he takes off his headphones and leaves them next to his iPhone, he was listening to some music or watching a video to gather inspiration and become more productive. This iPhone 6 app demo video presents a fresh scenario to display an iOS productivity or messaging app within a working context; the main focus of the video is on the iPhone 6 's screen, which makes this the perfect scenario to display your new iOS app, as clients will get a real life insight on its design and amazing features with this app demo video. Besides, using Placeit to create app demo videos is the easiest thing! Just record your website or app and it will be adjusted to fit this scenario, try it out right away and see for yourself! See more App Demo Video Templates here!

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