iPhone 6 With Friends On Irish Pub (With Gestures)Base Image
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iPhone 6 With Friends On Irish Pub (With Gestures)
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Two Friends Chatting at Irish Pub iPhone 6 App Demo Video

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While abroad on their graduation trip, this two friends go for a beer at a traditional irish pub. They are so happy and excited for their trip and the great memories they are creating, it's all the can think about. While enjoying some fine stout beer, one of the girls is using her white iPhone 6 to plan their next destination. This Demo Video provides a unique scenario than can be used to display the design, features and usability of your traveling, social or entertainment app or website. Present your product within this beautiful demo video for a contextualized and professional feel of your app or website. Your partners and clients will find this stage as a great platform to view real interactions within the app, especially because of the natural hand gestures and original storyline. Try it out by uploading or recording your video!

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