iPhone 6 With A BeerBase Image
iPhone 6 With A BeerStage Image
iPhone 6 With A BeerForeground Image
iPhone 6 With A BeerProcessed Image

Product Mockup,iPhone 6 on Wooden Table next to a Beer

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Present your app with this photo-realistic mockup of an iPhone 6 laying on a wooden table. It is beside a light golden draft that is beautifully backlit by the sun. The bright afternoon brings out the table and the beers soft golden tones that complement the iPhone 6 mockup. The iPhone 6 is white with a silver edge that stand out against the light wooden table. In the foreground sits a metal can that is serving as a pot for a leafy green plant. These elements make for a great social setting for your app. The iPhone 6 mockup holds a screenshot of 750x1334px.

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