iPhone 6 Video in Waiting Room (With Gestures)Base Image
iPhone 6 Video in Waiting Room (With Gestures)Stage Image
iPhone 6 Video in Waiting Room (With Gestures)
iPhone 6 Video in Waiting Room (With Gestures)Processed Image

App Demo Video of Girl Using Her iPhone 6 at Waiting Room

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After months of hard work, she finally delivered a copy of her latest book to the editorial team, now she patiently waits to get a response towards it, despite the excitement, she seems to be calm and content as she sits in one of the couches, awaiting for someone to call her name; meanwhile, she uses her black iPhone 6 in portrait position. This waiting room scene is the perfect place for you to display your new iOS app or mobile responsive website, wether it's an entertainment or productivity app, this scenario presents a good context to it, especially because the main focus of the video is the iPhone 6's screen. Besides, the natural hand gestures will provide a great insight on your app's design, features and user experience, even before downloading the app! Your potential users will love this! Go ahead and try this iPhone 6 all demo video right away, just record your app and we will do the rest.

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