iPhone 6 Sitting Next to a Fruit Plate Mockup a5544Base Image
iPhone 6 Sitting Next to a Fruit Plate Mockup a5544Stage Image
iPhone 6 Sitting Next to a Fruit Plate Mockup a5544
iPhone 6 Sitting Next to a Fruit Plate Mockup a5544Processed Image

iPhone 6 Sitting Next to a Fruit Plate Mockup

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Advertise your new dining app or recipes website with the help of amazing stock photo mockups from Placeit. This stock photo features a white iPhone 6 in portrait position sitting on top of a wooden table next to a fruit plate, some orange juice and a cup of coffee. Use stock photo templates to display your app and make it more desirable to consumers my giving them a glimpse at your app. Just drag and drop an image onto the template and let Placeit do the rest for you! Enjoy great visual content with the help of Placeit starting today! See more iPhone mockups here!

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