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iPhone 6 Plus at the Library
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iPhone 6 Plus Mockup of Girl Using iPhone 6 Plus at the Library

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There are lots of very useful education apps out there, they all have different features, but one thing these iOS apps have in common is the fact that they were designed and developed to help students succeed. If you just created an education app of your own, this would be the perfect place to showcase how amazing it is. This iPhone 6 Plus Mockup presents a young woman who is searching for a book at the university library, she is holding her black iPhone 6 Plus with her left hand as she browses an app that will help her get that final project done! This is a beautiful scene that has a great color scheme combination, between her fucsia sweater, the wooden shelves and those colorful text books, the image builds a nice and warm environment that reminds us of our scholar days. Use this mockup and share the image with potential users and business partners right away!

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