iPhone 6 Plus And Macbook Pro MockupBase Image
iPhone 6 Plus And Macbook Pro MockupStage Image
iPhone 6 Plus And Macbook Pro MockupForeground Image
iPhone 6 Plus And Macbook Pro MockupProcessed Image

Macbook Pro and iPhone 7 Plus Mockup at Home Office

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This is a beautiful multistage mockup that features a Macbook Pro and a white iPhone 6 Plus at a home office environment, the image has warm lightning, the Macbook Pro is set over a nice wooden table next to a small notepad, we can also see someone holding and using the iPhone 6 Plus in portrait position. This mockup is great because it can be used in several ways, you can show off a website or app in both devices to compare the mobile and desktop versions, another great option is to display related apps or websites on these great apple devices. By choosing to share your app with mockups you will enhance your app marketing and increase your users and downloads, giving your product a great exposure. Just upload your best screenshots to this mockup and see how great the image composition merges with your own app. More Macbook Pro mockups here!

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