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iPhone 6 Over Red Carpet
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iPhone 6 Mockup Featuring a White iPhone 6 Over a Red Carpet

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It's time that your iOS app gets the attention it deserves! But how do you do that? By using Placeit as tool for your main app marketing campaign. Placeit uses real life scenarios that people identify with to help online businesses promote their products. Like with this scenario, it features a white iPhone 6, laying face up in portrait position over a colorful rug. The vague and simple nature of this scene, means you can use it to promote any iOS app. Whether you have a new game, news app, shopping app, social media app, business app, etc. This iPhone 6 mockup template can work for you as a clever way to showcase your new app's features and design to potential clients and users; it's all about being creative! Go ahead and try it out real quick to display your new app or mobile responsive website within this colorful and ethnic setting.

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